Here’s just an egg-sample

Published August 16, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I’m having kind of a rough time right now (write now, as it were.) I am trying the best that I can to find gainful employment and at this point I think the only thing I have to gain is the kind of tongue-biting, fool-suffering that can come from working at low skilled job that unfortunately pays more than any other job I have applied for. This would be one of the jobs that I haven’t heard from or been interviewed for as of Three P.M. Central Standard Time.

I did take the SAT so that I can do test prep tutoring.  I just found out that I didn’t score high enough on the Verbal portion to work there at this time.

It is incredibly frustrating, because I kind of need that potential $100 or so per week.

I don’t know where, specifically, I should aim my screams.

Do I yell at the universe for causing the stroke that led to brain damage that led to the processing disorder?

Do I yell at the ())(% of a (*_)*(##)(( that cause the financial rut that led to my lay-off from a job I really loved and was good at?

Or do I yell at EH for impregnating the AWT which is led to the financial situation that I am about to be in. (I am not blaming the baby. He is the last person on the planet that is responsible.)

Or should I blame the state in which I reside, where it is insanely expensive and difficult to get certified to teach, even though the local district is the in the top five worst districts in the entire state. ( Hey, we are in the top three for violent crime.  Yippee. )

I am trying to stay motivated through out this rant because my Mom  and I are organizing my office so that I can write more effectively. Even though I am not real good at it.

Here are two writing samples I sent to another part-time endeavor so that I can, you know, live.

Entertainment Writing Sample 

I really enjoy watching scary movies. I like movies that are either ridiculous in their attempt to be scary or suspenseful and scary.  I even like the ones that have spree killers as the Deus Ex Machina to wrap up the plot because there’s really nothing else to be done.

I have found that the terror/suspense/horror movie genre relies on stock characters such as the young and probably doomed lovers. Then the smart guy/girl who sees the trouble brewing, but no one listens to them until it’s too late. This character usually dies in an ironic way, lending itself to a teachable moment as the smart guy/girl watching the movie can explain to her fellow movie watchers what irony really is.

I especially love when the scary movie veers into the smart suspense arena. This is demonstrated in the Saw series and in the movie Identity.  I think the Cabin in the Woods really wanted to be there, too, but got sidelined by trying to do too much by mashing a number of plot possibilities together like many colors of play-doh.

I think the most satisfactory scary movie franchise is the Final Destination series.  There wasn’t much suspense because you knew who was going to die; you just didn’t know how it was going to happen.  The final installment brought the whole series together. This means I got the kind of satisfactory closure that I thought would only come by personally kick-boxing Jason in my living room.

And, of course, the Academic Writing Sample


The ability to read and write is even more important today than ever before.   Communication is at its peak.  The internet and the mass availability of telecommunication have made it possible for people around the world to exchange ideas virtually twenty-four hours a day.  Most of this communication is accomplished through the written word, via email and through web pages.


Literacy is key to an individual’s personal achievement. The written word is how adults function in the world.  Every job needs some level of literacy, even if it is just to read instructions.   The inability to read and write with skill leads to unemployment or underemployment. This inevitably leads to a reduced quality of life and low earning potential.


Skill in reading and writing leads to the ability to understand and utilize information.  This ultimately leads to a better grasp of the world and a way to adapt to day to day life.

One problem that is starting to emerge from modern technology is the downfall of basic grammar and spelling skills. Instant messaging and text messaging have their own form of shorthand. So many young people communicate with this shorthand that they are forgoing proper grammar and spelling in favor of this quick and easy way of communicating. It is imperative that schools teach their students how to function without short handing their information. One’s level of literacy reflects one’s ability to perform in the world.


We live in an amazing time.  Literature is available for perusal at all hours of the day and night.   The accessibility of Ebooks and articles has made it possible for anyone anywhere to read and learn virtually anything.  To access this wealth of information, one has to have the basic skills of reading and writing.  Once these skills are in place, the world is literally at your fingertips.


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