The Who that I Am

Published August 21, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I am going to take the SAT again (a vast, ye scurvy gnomes! I know enough not to shout that as I take the test, although that would come really close to creating a more comfortable work environment.) I really, really need the extra bucks that the test prep job will pay me, plus I have the innate urge to respond to any and all thrown gauntlets. (Gauntlets, gnomes, I detect a pattern emerging.)

My biggest problem that I am having with this test thing as I prepare for the re-test is that I am having a difficult time staying focused.

That big blank space was provided for you to fill with hooting, uproarious laughter, or hoot-roarious if you will.

My whole head is parenthetical, which I guess would mean that my ears are parentheses. (The time weasels just suggested that there might be son or daughter-theses; there would have to be, since there are parent-theses.)  Most of the errors I am making are due to my tendency to skim instead of critically read.   I know, big deal, don’t we teach kids to read for context? Yes, but we also want them to notice what is wrong so take a closer look, will you?  That was my head arguing with itself while I was trying to write a sentence. This is why I am having trouble.

This revelation comes to me as I realize that I am not working as hard as I could be.  So I should definitely get on top of things, as the gnome flies.

One of the meander thoughts that I had that may actually lead to something productive is from a documentary, I don’t remember specifically which one it was, but the gist of it was that you can tell a lot about a person by what they read or if they read.

I completely understand, particularly in light of the given example. If a politician reveals that his favorite book is Mein Kampf that would  definitely say lot about his mind and his personal philosophy.   It’s a toss-up whether that would bother more or less than a leader who doesn’t read at all.

It makes me wonder what can be told about my favorite books.

My all time favorite book is The Stand by Stephen King.  I know the characters better than I know some blood relatives.   It is a dystopian book and in its Dystopacracy, (I just made that up.  I like it.) The characters reveal themselves to be either good or evil.  This is more or less what Dystopia does it sort of an accent crisis in that it brings out the best or worst feature of a person.

What I like about The Stand is that not only do you get to see who the crisis made the characters become, you also get to see how the characters got there. The back story makes the characters Boss, as Mr. King would say.

My current crisis, while not global in nature, is starting to become an accent crisis.  It’s going to bring out the Who that I Am.  I’m starting to figure out that I’m not paying someone else’s Karmic Debt.

I often kid that I am the reincarnation of Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan. This would account for a lot of the weird crap that happens to me.  I realize now that the Reprehensible are not invited back.

This is about to get real interesting.

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