What to do when your brain is not fried, but a little sizzly.

Published August 24, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I  feel better about the SAT retake, particularly since I discovered that three other teachers did not do well either.

This warrants the question, “Is the SAT geared against students?”  or the better question, “I am just too freaking old to learn old tricks?”

I have spent the last three hours avoiding what I need to do. I’m a little zingy because I celebrated my finishing the SAT with a nutritious veggie sub and diet lemonade before I ran errands.  On the way home I ate some chocolate covered mini oreos, and washed it down with a coke zero.

I am now metabolizing all of this while I process the rest of my to do list.  I need to clean my bedroom.  It’s especially pitly since I have essentially spread my crap all over the house and am no longer required to confine the crap to one place.  My plan is to bag up everything in the room, except the furniture and then vacuum, dust and change the linens before putting everything back.  The point of this is to have a really clean sleep oasis and maybe encourage myself to get rid of some of the accumulated detriitus once and for all.  (I started doing this earlier in the summer but then I got tired/angry/lost interest.   I have a little film festival set aside. I have Precious, The Color Purple and the Help.   It may seem like a big fat downer waiting to happen, but the point is to not focus on how dreadful my luck has been lately.

No matter how bad it gets at least Danny Glover/ MoNique/ Bryce Dallas Howard isn’t keeping me down and/or beating the crap out of me.


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