I should probably stop saying that

Published August 25, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I have come to the conclusion that I should stop asking “What the hell is wrong with people?” in the tone that implies that I need another example to put together a more thorough hypothesis.

Example 1: The public is LOSING IT’S MIND because Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman.  This is an actual story on the MSN home page.  All of that public outrage could have been harnessed for something useful. I’m afraid to make a suggestion because I am afraid what the public would consider useful

Example 2: Daycare workers fired after Instagram photos mock kids. Actual news story: A daycare in Newport News, VA took pictures of the kids and posted them with captions that mocked the children. There are so many things wrong with this I can’t really isolate what bothers me more. (Oh, wait, the fact that these people HAVE JOBS)

Example 3: There is an actual website/ business created by Christian Carter called “Catch Him and Keep Him. I could find out what I do that kills a relationship. He’s going to take me into the mind of a man. I can create a shift in the relationship. But he can’t share all of this unless I sign up for his free newsletter. I would do it for scientific reasons, but it would probably lead to me punching some stranger to vent my rage on this pompous jerk.

Example 4

People have to be told NOT to buy bathing suits and car seats at a garage sale.  I’m going to go ahead and spread the news that it’s not a good idea to put something on your naughty bits that have been on a stranger’s naughty bits. (Of course, this would mean that several people I know would never date again.) It is also NOT a good idea to trust your child’s safety to a used anything.

Example 5

The city of Fort Worth, Texas has demolished TWO houses by mistake. They were supposed to tear down a house, so it’s not as stupid as it could be, although it would be easier for me, personally to understand a demolition spree.  Twice over the last few months, the city has approved the demolition, and the contractors took down the wrong house.  Really. The parties involved are on paid administrative leave.

Hey, City of Fort Worth, here’s an idea, why don’t you pay someone who didn’t tear ANYTHING down. Or maybe use that money to buy sandwiches and Otter Pops for the poor folk living on the streets near E Lancaster.

I have to stop. I could list examples all day.

Tomorrow is the first day of school. I think everyone should go out and get a new box of crayons. C

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