Just a dream

Published August 29, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Last night I dreamed that I forgot that I had a dog. The dog in question belonged to AATGH. I haven’t seen the dog in six years and he was five then.  The dog, Aikira loved me so much that he would growl at AATGH because  he thought I was in danger.

In the dream, Aikira was protecting me from a rabid dog who was eating half of a cow.

What the hell does that mean?

So after that kick-start to my day, I am trying to figure out what I need to do today. We are not at war yet, but according to reliable sources, (not a bird named Harry who appeared to me in a vision to warn me of impending doom)while we should be ready for the eventuality of some sort of strike from the US, congress and the UN are holding back, as is POTUS. (I love acronyms.)

So no war yet. That’s a plus. We, (as a public) are still talking about Miley.  The Oxford English Dictionary has added “twerk” I feel the same way I did when I noticed that my tiny branch library had Steinbeck shelved cheek to jowl with Danielle Steele. (They have since remodeled, so it’s not quite as bad as it was. There are more books so more distance.)

The information above  was culled from an actual page of news. (Not Fox news, but various reporters for NBC.)

This made my stomach hurt, so what do I do when I feel like I want curl up in a ball and ignore current events? That’s right, I go to XOJane. I do feel a bit better about the situation of the world but now I’ve been provoked into thoughts about why we, as people, treat other people so badly.

There was a terrific, but hard to read article, by a girl who was attacked and assaulted for the sole reason that she was walking while female. She was treated shabbily by the police and it is unlikely that her attackers will ever be caught.

There is  a really great article by a former Lane Bryant employee who relays the info that her training stressed making the customer feel better about themselves whether they buy anything or not.

Why do we have to be told to be nice to people?  Or if we can’t make a concerted effort to be nice, can’t we at least be human?

We shall see.

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