Right off of the top(of my head, my desk, whatever)

Published September 2, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

All of my problems today are first world related.  All of my electronics are glitchy. My phone will occasionally call people while it’s on the charger. My laptop keys are sticky.(not food realted, slow and old memory related) My tablet keeps shutting off it’s wi-fi. Itunes keeps resetting and refuses to acknowledge the account information I entered within the last hour.

None of these are real problems. They’re just irritating.

One of my first world problems is that I didn’t get much sleep on Saturday night because I ran out of sleep meds. This gave me a hangover/drunk/ klutz feeling all day yesterday so I melatonined and benadryled myself last night. I’m still groggy, but at least function.

I have one Zolpidem left. I will take this tonight because I have a job interview tomorrow and I need to pretend to be normal.

I cleaned two rooms today, (Clean enough, not OCD clean.) but I didn’t get to my editing. I can’t really make  my head focus.

I have a few rants I am putting together for publication and I’m trying to figure out what innovative fiction is. I was glancing at my desktop and the open tabs on my browser are Audible-audio books (one gave me a weird interactive dream last night.) Active link (kind of like Fitbie, but for Weightwatchers. I can’t believe I have only reached 60 % of my daily goal) Apple ID reset page (I don’t want to talk about it .) Pandora (Comedy channel. I like noise.) Free crochet (Tips to use up leftover yarn.) Now If I was really an innovative writer I could put together a haiku on the meaning of my life  in relation to my computer.

I’m not going to do that.

What I should be doing is editing a novella (not great, but easy to do and it pays.)  I also need to finish writing one more short story.  I could not feel less like writing a romance story. Even when I was recovering from the head thing, I had drugs, so I could rely on my hallucinations to get me through.

I can’t believe I’m not tired enough to sleep on my own.

Or at least have hallucinations.

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