Nicely said, Robin Morgan

Published September 7, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Knowledge is power. Information is power. The secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility.

This quote is attributed to Robin Morgan, a poet, journalist, theorist and activist.

My mind is stuffed full of ideas and inspiration for a knowledge expedition.

I just spent the weekend at the Langdon Review of the Arts In Texas publication event. I was the contributing playwright for this year’s edition. I attended a few of the events and now I want to leap out into the world and start some kind of revolution. This revolution will be based on fact, supposition and observation. If anyone wants to invest in this project, I am willing to humbly accept your contribution.

I suspect that I will be waiting for a while for the checks to arrive. Maybe I should try Homer Simpson’s Happy Dude calling system.

I went into the Langdon Review weekend predisposed to rant. I am still waiting to hear from the last two of the jobs  I applied for. One of these jobs is for the Fine Arts department of the university that awarded me my BA. I did not get the job in the Education department  at the university that awarded me my MEd.

I am trying not to think too hard about what this might mean on any and all levels.

So at this point I have more or less resigned myself to substituting in my city’s large and terrible school district.  This statement is not meant to defame the district. It is simply a statement of fact. It is not a big secret that our district is, in a word, heinous.

More on that later.

I have decided that if I must do this, and clearly, I must, I should go forth and use the experience. I plan to look at the experience as an ethnographic research project. I will immerse myself in the day and observe and intervene only in extreme circumstances.   Kind of like shark week, except I don’t get a cage and there is no way the high end equipment would survive cafeteria duty. (Really, why do they make subs do this?)

I have figured out that I can sub three days a week and write every single second I’m not in a class room and I can just about squeak by.

I anticipate a lot of screaming and stomping in my future.

Because I sincerely believe that we, as a society are secreting and hoarding our knowledge from the people who need it the most: the ones who can’t afford it.

Just a thought to chew on for the rest of the weekend. One of the public high schools in my city is opening a student run pantry of sorts where homeless students can get clean uniforms (dress code) and toiletries and school supplies.

Other students see the need to provide the basics to make other people feel human enough to attend school and learn.

The whole  need for the idea makes me want to pound my head on the floor until I lose consciousness. That doesn’t help anyone, least of all me. I have had the luxury of an excellent education and I just spent a weekend having people nod sagely at me in acknowledgment of my wisdom.

I can’t insult my brain by smacking it around for knowing things.

Knowledge is power.

Let’s power up.


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