Casting a reflection

Published September 10, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

The day is half over and I’ve only done two things on my list. (The dishes had to be first; there was an unidentified odor wafting through the kitchen.)  I am easily distracted (Quelle Surprise!) and to stay on schedule, I have to finish a short story today. So, of course, I had to reshelve some books. I decided I would give the books that have special meaning to me should have their own spot.

I have heard (and I think I may have mentioned?) that you can tell a lot about a person by knowing what they read.   Here are the books on my featured shelf and my reflections.

Gone Girl-Gillian Flynn I have to say I read this book before it hit the best sellers. I enjoyed Flynn’s other two books and the premise intrigued me.  I won’t give anything away, but it taught me that surprises are always possible. (In retrospect, I should have remembered that.)

The Glass Castle-Jeanette Walls Flinchingly awesome. It made me angry on the author’s behalf and amazed me that she has been able to move past the nightmare of her selfish parents.

A prayer for Owen Meany-John Irving.  Every word is carefully chosen to lead to the true meaning of the title character’s life. And a damn good story.

The Stand-Stephen King.  I’m sure that I have raved about this many, many times. I know these characters better than I know members of my own family.  I am scared to see if there is any fan fiction for this book, on the grounds that it would cause me to incite riot and mayhem (world’s worst puppet show.)

The Talisman- Stephen King. Appealed to my inner geek who wants to believe that there is meaning to everything on all plains of existence.

Rain of Gold-Victor Villasenor I haven’t re-read this one in a while because it makes me want to become a freedom fighter for my people. Yes, I know how douchey it sounds to refer to my people. I love that the Texas Commission on the Arts funded the research that went into this book. Families are art. Love it.

Click Clack Moo Cows that Type- Betsy Lewin  Seriously fun. I first read this when I was working as a Children’s Librarian. It was the first thing I read aloud after my head blew up. I read it to sick children. Moving experience for all. The Spanish translation made me laugh iced coffee out of my nose Sinceremente las vacas.

It was nice taking a break to remind myself that words are fun and don’t always have to make me ranty. That’s a good thing, too.

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