have to save brain from decay and I can’t find the brush

Published September 11, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Right now I’m ghosting a series of romantic short stories. (Something about that phraseology seems off, but I’m really tired so I’m not going to worry about it.)

Whenever I’m writing romances I try to use my TV watching time to nourish the brain cells when they are not flabbily trying to crank out the literary equivalent to mac and cheese. (This is my opinion, maybe I wouldn’t be so bitter and twisted about the genre if my experience in the dating pool hadn’t been so fraught with algae.)  I have been watching a lot of documentaries. Some of them really angry me up, some are inspirational. Some make me  shouty. (Like I need another reason.)

Last night I watched 50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr and Mrs. Kraus. I watched it on HBO GO, (Thanks Mom!) and I’m glad I did. I had no idea these people existed. Mr. and Mrs. Kraus were a wealthy American Jewish couple who, in 1939, traveled to Austria with the express purpose of rescuing 50 Jewish Children. It was amazing.

While I was watching it, I was reminded of the rage I felt and still feel about the number of  wealthy and connected people in this country who KNEW what was happening in Europe and did NOTHING about it.

It made me take a moment and think about the current state of  affairs in the world right now.  And it keeps bringing me back to the rant about Education.

We are terrible to our children. Everywhere. All The Time. Why do we do this to our children?

It is proven that our terrible economy is directly related to our terrible education system. (You give the people an inferior education and scratch your heads and wonder why we have inferior adults in our workforce. Hmm. Conundrum? )

The Conundrum was a character in the X-Files episode “Humbug”

He was played by The Enigma (born Paul Lawrence) who is a featured performer with the Jim Rose Circus.

Too tired for documentaries. Going to watch South Park.




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