Frivolity and Ravitching

Published September 20, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I woke up this morning wondering if today is the day the roof caves in on me. (There’s a leak in the roof, and don’t ask  my mom about it. Really. Don’t.)  But other than that I welcome the much needed rain and the much more needed cooler weather.

I overslept because I was too comfy and the cat was too convincing about our need to wake up and immediately power nap, so I’m already a little behind. (I wish!)

Fortunately for me, Jezebel has wrapped up the important stuff for me: Miley Cyrus’s fans have been sending hate tweets (I can’t belive this is a thing) to sixteen year-old singer Lorde for outselling La Miley on the iTunes.  This is insane for so many reasons. I realize Miley fans aren’t exactly a brain trust, but I had no idea who Lorde is but now I kind of want to hear her sing. Because of the hate tweets, and because she is wearing clothes and keeping her tongue in her mouth in her photos.

Apparently James Franco is running around the world acting like a ridiculous douche. So do  a lot of people, but they don’t post photos of their douchery on social media. Oh wait, they do.

Other than that earth-shattering news is the update that Jay-Z and Beyonce are rich.  Charlie Sheen partied and shared drugs with younger actor. If you don’t wash the makeup off of your face for a month, your skin looks terrible.

There was a mass shooting in Chicago. Among the victims is a three-year old child.

Good morning world. Onto the questions for the day.

I started reading The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education by Diane Ravitch.

The first chapter alone has warranted a stream of questions:

What does No Child Left Behind really mean (besides how to screw up a whole bunch of kids and make the teachers tense and hate their jobs)?

You can try and figure out what it means by directly going to this site.

Then when your head caves inm (you can tell because there will be a refreshing breeze wafting over your neurons. They say that you can’t feel something that happens inside your brain. They lie.)  you can go over to Yahoo answers:

No Child Left Behind is a buzzword created to mean schools should be improved, especially the worst schools. But what does it really mean? No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is based on four pillars that call for:

Stronger Accountability: Schools that perform poorly must find ways to improve or lose control of their school, and possibly even lose funding.

More freedom for states and communities: States and school districts will have more control over how school funds are spent, whether it is to hire better teachers, purchase technology, or start innovative programs.

Proven Education Methods: Federal funding is used for scientific research to determine which educational practices work best.

More Parental Choice: Parents in low performing schools have the options to choose to use other schools and to receive supplemental services like tutoring, and after school programs. Children in dangerous schools or children who have been victimized in school will be able to attend a safe school in another school district


If you can still focus your eyes, think about your own education and the kind of  education your children are getting. If you do not have children, do some conversation roulette and your local library. I say library because these children and parents care enough to at least find out where the library is. Eavesdrop on some conversations. Watch what kids are checking out (literally and figuratively.)  Then lay your head on table and count to 100. This might keep you from immediately racing down to your school’s central office, banging on the door and shrieking, “What the sweaty hell is going on?!!!”

If you are so inclined to do that, give the door a shake for me. I can’t because I still need to work for the public schools in the position of the last monkey on the chain. That is until I figure out how to get some of that research money to figure out how to fix the immediate problems.

I want to send hate tweets to someone. I don’t know or much care who.  This is why horror movies don’t scare me.

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