Rage: Now available in choke sized bites

Published September 23, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I recently had a conversation with a friend from high school. We were catching up on the events of the last twenty-five years and he remarked, “You sure want to punch a lot of people in the face.”

It’s true.

It’s also frightening to think that I am now medicated so there are actually fewer folk who  I actively want to pound.  Pre-Head Explosion I was considerably less calm. (In fact, I once got so mad so fast I actually passed out.)

I have not exercised my ability to rage in a very long time.  A recent situation has made me come of rage retirement.

I won’t overylinky you with the myriad of news stories, but the House has passed the move by the GOP to cut $40 billion dollars for food stamps. When I read this, I had another of those can’t-move-can-only-stare-straight-ahead-because-I-think-this-might-actually-be-the-worst-thing-ever moments.

Folks, almost fifty percent of those who benefit from food stamps are children. You know those things that are our future whose major concerns should be what  Halloween costume to wear, those creatures who are not tiny adults but are developing organisms who deserve actual nutrition to help them turn into productive members of society?

According to information acquired by Beth Hoffman for  Forbes magazine, 22 million children IN THE UNITED STATES are in need of food assistance. I think this is insane in a country where we throw food away. There are places in the world who children go hungry because there is NO food. We have food here, but apparently we don’t want to share it.

I know today is not my day to rant about inequity. Today is actually my day to rant about education. But like everything else, one thing impacts another.

One of my teacher friends was telling me that most of the kids in his school attend after school programs. They attend these programs because they serve dinner.

Did anyone have a school lunch experience that was so wonderful that they would choose to eat all of their meals there? Kids don’t have much of a choice.

Several organizations hold food drives around this time of the year. People gather up canned and boxed foods to donate to food banks.  When this drive hits your neighborhood, take a minute to select something that someone might actually want to eat and that might have nutrition in it.  (I can only think of one person who likes canned beets and he doesn’t live here anymore. I would say something about it but I suspect that it’s confrontational to call someone and scream, “Would you get your damn expired beets out of my house?!!”)

I am stunned by all of it.

It makes me want to watch Apocalypse movies and root for the Zombies.

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