Just a few words

Published September 26, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Dude thinks a dream girl is less than 130 lbs and says that a fat one has low self-esteem and lacks self-discipline.

Dude has nice teeth, but he is a racist and doesn’t want to date outside of his group, nor does he want to date anyone who has ever been with a black man. His interview reveals him to be an inarticulate boob who likens sex with African Americans to bestiality. I am not kidding


Take a look at this. Writer Chick’s words: No Freaking Way.

Isn’t it misleading to headline a story, “New Photo of Abraham Lincoln discovered.” I clicked on this story hoping to see Abe photobombing a bachelorette party.

Most of the news today is hardly news.

Headlines are misleading. Some men are jerks. George Zimmerman was probably guilty. No one is really sure what Ted Cruz was rambling on about. Lots of sound and fury signifying nothing.  Except if he doesn’t get his way, the Federal Government might shut down.  I have listened and read a number of news reports.

I consider myself an intelligent person. I  have no idea what’s going on.  So, unlike Ted Cruz, I’m just going to shut up until i figure out something wordworthy to say.

But for right now, check out this baby.


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