What do you think?

Published September 27, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

It’s going to be a strange day. I woke up with that damn Miley Cyrus song in my head and a cat standing on my face.  (Some people get to wake up with a song in their heart. I have to overachieve.) 

Later today I will be attending a memorial service for another of my far too young friends. She died in a car accident last week.

That’s plenty jarring on it’s own. 

The Daily Skimm (newsletter that gives you the basics of what’s going on with an easy to understand breakdown.) It is indeed possible that the federal government will shut down on October 1st. That’s Tuesday. It is indeed possible :

THE STORY: Congress has still not passed a budget. The government will still shut down on Oct. 1st if it does not reach an agreement. Still. No. Deal.

STOP EXAGGERATING, IT CAN’T JUST SHUT DOWN. Yes, it can. If you’re a federal worker, you may have time off but don’t bother going to a national park or landmark. Because they’ll be closed. And don’t plan on a fancy lunch, because you may not have a paycheck for a while.


So the people who are meant to be in charge are acting like brats and it may just send us all into a no-mail-having frenzy. 

Fortunately for me, I advance ordered the new Stephen King novel and it should be here tomorrow. 

But it still sucks. 

In the still suck category, today is my best good friend’s birthday.  It would have been his 63rd.  Everyone enjoy a quad espresso and something loaded with sugar and storm the racks at a thrift store. Mr. Steve would be honored. 

While scanning the news feeds this morning I ran across an article that asks, “Are you at risk for a stroke?” I said “Yes” then went on to another story. 

(If you have had a stroke, you are automatically at risk for another even if the stroke in question was the result of a burst blood vessel and those are pretty rare. You are still labeled at having a history of stroke.  I maintain that one event is not a history of stroke.  One is one. History is many. And other short stories by Benjamin Franklin.) 

And one other thing that’s making me a little wary of the day ahead.  Monkeys were seen whispering to each other at the NYC Zoo. A zoo worker entered their habitat and they commenced to whispering. This spawns a number of questions, not the least of which is, “Why do they feel they have to whisper? What have they seen this person doing?” You really have to be a nefarious creature if you are making monkeys whisper. 

And other short stories by Jane Goodall. 

Rest in Peace sweet Amy K. 

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