My fourth favorite Miller

Published October 5, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Dennis Miller was famous for his rants. They were angry and informative and a lot of the time were funny and made sense. (Both at the same time.)

A lot of conversations have in my head (I don’t hear voices, they are all in my own voice and I know I am talking to myself, but if you see me running down the street as if chased by bats it will because a different persona broke through.)  take on a rant tone.(world’s worst recording studio.

It has been a pretty good week for me (the rest of the world not so much, but more on that later.) I actually lost a pound in the same week I attended the state fair I tend to view the fair a lot like Templeton the rat. (Smorgasbord, Orgasbord!)   So that happened and I-know-my-weight-does-not-define-me, but still it was nice to not want to kick the scale with my porky little hoof.  Said hoof was actually a little swollen because some nefarious insect bit me and it caused a little swelling.

Anyway, I was part of a group conversation about how a good person can exhibit bad behavior, yet still be essentially good at heart.

This leads me to the question, what makes someone an actual bad person? (Other than manipulating the course of my events that creates the circumstance in which I am stuck with a can of expired beets and several mason jars of pickled corn. And then there’s the room with half of the wallpaper stripped off but never finished because she had a tantrum about the permanence of the relationship. Bitch literally wrecked my home. But that is all right. I am rising above.)

There has been a lot of bad behavior that makes me wonder why people need to be told how to behave.

A news report caught my attention. The story was about legislation to curb Revenge Porn.

Basically it means that posting sexy pictures and texts of your ex to be held up for publically mockery is now illegal in places. To quote Mr. Miller, “I don’t want to go on a rant here . . . “

But why do we have to tell people that it is not a good idea to send photos of your naughty bits to anyone, even if you really, really love them and they have promised they will never ever show them to anyone and they will delete them immediately after looking at them the first hundred or so times.  If you are so fool hardy as to do that, why would it ever occur to someone to share the mutual stupidity with the world? Because if you post pictures of your ex, what’s to keep your current or future person/creature/ Japanese Body Pillow from finding out that you were in anyway involved in that and then immediately breaking up with you and posting that list of embarrassing measurements that you keep tucked under the mattress?


Except for Karma. Because if you have jerked someone around and taken pictures of it, there’s something a lot worse than expired vegetables in your future

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