Gravitational Pullet (That’s one heavy chicken)

Published October 14, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez


I went the movies with my wonderful mother. We went to see Gravity, starring La Sandra Bullock and George Clooney and a whole lot of outer space.

I wasn’t sure about this movie at first, but I needed to get out of the house because, you know, my life is the way it is and since I’m dead inside anyway, I figured I might as well go.

It was fan-freaking-tastic.

I was riveted and glad I went to see it on the big screen. It will definitely lose something in the translation.

Clooney was Clooney and I was a little put off by the fact that a FAMILY BROUGHT THEIR TINY TWO YEAR OLD CHILD, but La Sandra was awesome. Most of the movie is just her in space in a tube of some kind. I won’t be a spoiler alert or anything but the movie is good.

The message I got from it is, “If you have a tight butt and a good sports bra, you can handle any problem.”

Maybe that wasn’t the specific message the producers were going for, but I have to say it inspired me. I don’t want to comment on my butt or support garments, but it made me think about what kind of inner strength I have when forced to face repugnant tasks.

When faced with something awful, you have to decide what you have to do and what you are going to do. I know there are some things that are unavoidable but you can balk and make the whole thing harder. When your  purpose is one single thing, it’s easier to do the other stuff.

I have a lot to do this week. Most of it is in the less than pleasant category, but none of it death defying, well not that I know of.

I still haven’t heard from the job I really want and, yes, I am really bummed out about it because it’s kind of a wet sock to the chops after the year I’ve had thus far, especially since the reason I think I haven’t heard is completely beyond my control and it warps my fragile little mind to think about that and boy this is a hell of a run on sentence.

Tomorrow I have to go get fingerprinted to sub for the district that shall not be named.  It is my Plan B. I also have to write one more short story on this contract. I know I have kvetched about these stories time and time and time again. The Plan B will prevent me from being a ghost writing machine, but it will give me a regular-ish paycheck.

But La Sandra inspired me. My day won’t drop on me like a jagular is by approaching the same way you eat an elephant(I personally wouldn’t eat an elephant, even if he was wearing my  pajamas). One bite at a time.

So today I tried conducting my day in intervals. 500 words at a time. Over the course of the day I wrote an entire short story, knitted a hat and did the dishes.

I don’t feel like pounding my head on the floor and I got a lot done by taking it one bite at a time.

Hold the elephants.

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