The Big Questions

Published October 22, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez


So I’m going to something called a Socrates Café this weekend.

As defined by the nice folk at Wikipedia;

Socrates Café are gatherings around the world where people from different backgrounds get together and exchange thoughtful ideas and experiences while embracing the Socratic Method. The groups model their discussions from the book of the same name by Christopher Phillips. Today, there are over 600 ongoing gatherings around the globe coordinated by hundreds of volunteers who share the common goal of making a more inclusive world.[1]


A friend of mine is hosting this one and I asked him if there was a specific question or topic and he told me that as moderator he will collect questions from the group and select one or two for the open discussion.

So now my challenge is to come up with some questions. I was explaining all of this to my mother and she looked at me and said, “So this is a big round of Stump the Chump.”  I had no idea that Sam Hatcher’s vernacular had made it full circle from my college experience and back into my mother’s vocabulary (Sam Hatcher was my brother’s college roommate who, along with my brother, a big part of how I turned out.) 

When I was being inducted into Alpha Psi Omega, Sam had to lead my portion of the induction because my brother was Alpha Psi President that year. Unbeknownst to me, I answered every single question correctly and they actually ran out of questions.  They made one up that they thought I would not know the answer to. I got partial credit because my answer was half-right. Sam later said that he didn’t realize that I came prepared to play Stump the Chump.

Clearly the Chumps were Stumped.

Which brings us to this week; I explained to my mother that both the Stumper and the Chump are yet to be determined, and as I may have mentioned, I love knowledge, in fact I yearn for it.

A Socrates café is something that sounds like great fun. (I am a little disappointed that my reference to Hemlock tea went right over a few heads.) I am not setting out with the purpose of pissing people off, but that might be an excellent side benefit.

I plan to do a lot of reading this week and research in preparation to come up with thought provoking queries. I have alerted the moderator that I will be preparing index cards in advance.

I’m  big nerd. I know you are all shocked. 

I want to know if the Moon landing was faked. This will make engineers flurb.

I want to know if we are setting the bar too low for educators and is there a way to ensure that our teachers aren’t going to get too touchy feely with our kids. This will make the teachers freak out.

Flurbing and Freaking aren’t my goal (World’s worst dance craze.)

I want to know why it’s okay for Football players to get away with low grades and felonies.

I realize that saying this kind of thing in football season is likely to get my run out of town on a rail

I hope wherever they take me has Wi-Fi. 

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