Happy Whatever You Want to Call it

Published October 31, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I can’t seem to focus, so here’s a bunch of random Writer Chick stuff.

Halloween means something different to everyone. It’s a bizarre way to celebrate the harvest.

“Hey we just brought in all of this great produce for the winter, let’s celebrate by dressing up and eating lots of junk food!”

I think some of us do this every day.

All day long I’ve been hearing the creepy song from

Halloween III, you know the one about Silver Shamrock. (spoiler alert) The whole thing was gimmick to turn children’s mind into writhing angry worms.

Now we just do that with Standardized Testing.



So there’s that.

I have forty little treat bags each with a candy miniature, top, noisemaker and pencil eraser.  (I know, I am made of awesome.)

I don’t know if there will be any little goblins or ghosts or their giant counter parts. I think if I have any left, I might just pelt them at passersby.

Now the real holiday is tomorrow.  Technically it’s All Saint’s day. To me and Mr Steve, November 1st is Clearance Chocolate Day. It is also a great time to go out and score some awesome fake mustaches,devil horns, fairy wings and bad wigs.

Here’s an idea: go out to your party store/drug store and get cranked up on chocolate and run around putting together your costume for next year. The only rule is YOU MUST WEAR IT. Take a picture of yourself wearing it on November 1st of this year and on Halloween of next year.

There are plenty of spooky stories out there to retell and horrify each other as you gather around your cauldron/mug of wine/ tub of booze or whatever you gather around.

How about instead of that, give someone a real treat and do something nice for someone, even if it is just giving them a genuine smile or complimenting the probably-shouldn’t-be-wearing-the-costume-that-was-too-small-last-year on their ensemble.



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