A Culture’s Personality

Published November 3, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I have had, let’s say, a challenging week. Last Sunday I had the shredded tire thing and the subsequent fall-out (Benadryl -haze-Walking Dead-marathon-story writing machine) lasted the rest of the week. Then, I was asked if I could cover substitute for a Chemistry Teacher at the Fabulous School.

I thought about it for maybe 2 seconds because it is hard to decide if I want to leave the comfort of my cat haired groove in the couch and put on real pants and be in a room with some incredibly smart and well-behaved high school students, for which they will pay me about what I would earn for 1500 words. Oh and I got lunch (Grilled Chicken Fiesta Salad, Black Bean Hummus and Tiramisu)

For all of that I would let students conduct a live subject research project calculating the ratio of coffee to artificial sweetener in my bloodstream at 9:00 AM. The best part was I didn’t have to and I had some time to let my brain run around and feed off of creative energy that didn’t come from the mind of a hefty cat trying to figure out the exact volume and pitch of the meow that will make me leap out of bed at 3:00 AM (Which is why I need so much coffee, see it all makes sense when you think it out slowly.)

I started some research that is going to lead to strange new places.

More about that later.

I also had some time to think about one of the coolest things that happened this week.

Weeks ago I had to break down and tell my extended family about the events with EH and AWT and the fact that my marriage is in the slow dissolve  stage.  I assumed the cousin I told would fill in the rest of the family, especially when I asked her if she would be so kind as to break the news to anyone else in the family that might want to know.

Which brings me back to Sunday. We were celebrating my Grandmother’s 91 st Birthday  with lots of food (Because we’re Mexican) and my youngest aunt’s 50th Birthday. She lives with my grandmother. (Because we’re  Mexican.)  So as I was starting the 15 minute good-bye ritual, hugging every aunt in chronological order (Because we’re Mexican.)  One of my cousins (She was once my Arch-Nemesis, because we are the same age and were in the same grade, and who says were competitive?) asked me if EH and I would be in town for Thanksgiving.

I told her I didn’t know  and I asked her if she heard about all of the trauma, etc.

She said she hadn’t and as I told her the whole thing I could see the expression on her face change and I swear I saw something in her eyes akin to a revenge-montage in 80’s action film.) She was really making an effort to appear unfazed.  I could tell she wanted to run shrieking down the driveway and maybe kill a chicken with her bare hands and throw it’s head in the general direction of EH and AWT, thus bringing down a curse upon their hacienda (Because we’re Mexican.)

This is the exact same response I have gotten from any woman who has heard this story. There was a different undertone this time.

It called to mind the episode of Criminal Minds where they went to Mexico to help solve a case where women had been attacked and years later their attacker went back and killed their mothers. The  victims waited till the police had cornered him, then they took care of him in the way that he will suffer most; slowly and painfully.

In the closing credits VO, Mandy Patinkin’s disembodied voice said

“The house does not rest upon the ground, but upon a woman”- Mexican Proverb.

Now the fate and fall out of someone else’s actions are out of my hands. Not only does Karma have a  bill to present, there is a whole family of women who are out for blood.

Because we’re Mexican

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