It all depends on the question

Published November 12, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

It’s no big secret that I am prone to slack. (If you did not know that, sorry to shatter your illusion. I would formally apologize but that would take effort.)

I don’t think I’m lazy, per se. It’s just that if nothing specific is required of me, I won’t do anything.

I get a lot done on days when I HAVE to do something. Days like today where I don’t have a specific time table I find myself discovering answers to seriously unimportant questions:

1) How much time can I waste watching Weird Al videos on Youtube? 45 minutes.

2) How hard is it to ignore my to do list? It’s the easiest thing about the list.

3) How many times will I say, out loud, to no one, I need more coffee?   Five times then I decide I will just suck the caffeinated residue at the bottom of the cup.

4) How many times will I bang my knee on the bottom of the desk before I actually move my chair the two inches it would take to avoid such a fate?  Somewhere upwards of twenty-five.

5) How long will I sit at the computer babbling about my own laziness before imparting actual knowledge? 67 Minutes and it depends on what you call actual knowledge

Todd Ray owns an operates The Venice Beach Freakshow in Los Angeles. He displays two headed creatures. Among these is a two headed snapping turtle named Thor and Loki.

The best part about the turtle is that it bit Todd.

I think it’s nature’s way of showing who is the real Freak at the Show.

Go get ’em Thor-Loki!

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