Do they even have butts?

Published November 29, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

It is Black Friday. If I were from another planet and someone was trying to explain the concept to me, I would think that the “Black” part stands for the fact that rational, thinking people black out their impulse control and social mores for one day because they want to save money.

The lead story on MSN today is “Violence Flares of Black Friday deals.” Really people? Again?

I read that fights broke out when people tried to cut in line.  Didn’t we lean the consequences of line cutting in elementary school. When I read that line my every whimsical brain chanted “No Cuts, No Nuts, No Alligator Butts.” This lead me to wonder if Alligators do indeed have Butts. Apparently I’m not the only one who has ever wondered because according to wiki-answers, they do have butts. It is where they dispose of their waste.

So the school yard chant reveals to us the consequences of not waiting your turn, because if you cut, you will be assaulted by Mr. Peanut. (unintentional pun) and/or be pooped on by and alligator.

It is unknown if crocodiles have any input on the situation

I’m going people watching. It should be fun. Depending on the amount of caffeine I can put in my body, I might warm shoppers of what may befall them.

Have fun everyone!

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