Published December 4, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I have a confession to make.

I do not like Christmas songs.

I don’t just mean the insipid, co-dependent, soul-robbing Christmas carols. I also do not like the classical Handel’s Messiah. Manheim  Steamroller makes me want to jump off a bridge.  This time of year, I have a limited choice of radio fare. It’s either Happy Christmas song, Tejano Music or Death Metal. (Guess which one is winning these days.)

I’m hoping it will all turn around. But I don’t think so. I’m trying to regain my spirit, but it’s 81 degrees outside and it’s hard to feel like a Jolly Old Elf (or even a tense middle-aged one)

The only thing I have found even remotely entertaining today has been the information about the Spear of Destiny (World’s Worst Stripper Name) or Spear of Longinus. This was the spear that was used to pierce the side of Jesus Christ as he hung on the cross. There’s a rich history about this spear and what has become of it over the years. Some say it is at the tomb of St. Peter. Others say that the Nazi’s have it and took it to Antarctica. Really. That’s a thing. Apparently the Nazi’s, sensing impending doom,because you know, Hitler was acting even more nuts than usual, gathered up all of their cool toys and spirited them away to Antarctica to await the reformation of the Fourth Reich. (Because the previous one was such a hit.)

I gleaned this information from the Audio Book of History Decoded by Brad Meltzer.

When I heard about the Fourth Reich and their hidden goodies (Worst Indiana Jones movie ever.) I said, out loud, ” I thought they went to the moon.” I have no idea why I think that.

It just made me feel jollier than Christmas.

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