And sometimes (ok, most times) why

Published December 12, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

For my 400th Blog/Babblefest/World Wide Documentation of my descent into madness, I will be presenting questions to the universe/blogosphere/alien horde who will probably pass us because we are all nuts and they have the proof.

Why does the sweatshirt I pulled out of the dryer smell like Doritos?

Why, based on last night’s dream in which I was quite smitten with a young man named Nicholas who was everything lovely and kind in the world and was also equally smitten with me but the whole thing turned out to be a movie of the week and the actor playing Nicholas was actually gay and in a committed relationship, am I doomed to specialize in the kind of relationship where I get jerked around? (Boy, that was a long way to go for a question.)

A lot of big why’s (from a bunch of whys guys?) have rambled through my head  this year. Some of the biggies:

Why was Miley Cyrus even a contender against Pope Francis for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year?

Why is Ted Cruz still being allowed to represent the US when he so clearly can’t stop himself from being a doucheweasel?

Why aren’t we using our technological research for better things than creating a smart sock? (No, this isn’t a magical punching arm that appears whenever someone is mean to someone else and gives them a hearty biff.  I checked.)

The sign language interpreter for Nelson Mandela’s funeral was accused of MAKING HIS SIGNS UP AND OTHERWISE INACCURATELY INTERPRETING. He says he was hallucinating.

Why I am not allowed to use that as an excuse?

And the biggest Why of all:

Why do we as human beings have to be reminded to treat each other decently and instructed how to do that?

As I alluded to previously, XOJane has a really nifty and thought provoking article in their “How not to be a Dick series.”

Deb Martinson does a damn fine job with How not to be a dick at the food bank.

Why don’t we know that it’s not giving when you offer stuff you would just throw away in the first place?

Why don’t we know that just a little bit of humanity will go a long way?

Maybe we’re all hallucinating. But if we are, shouldn’t we be able to come up with something better?

We owe it to each other.


As a side note, Feeding America is now accepting PayPal and Amazon Payments. This means it is super-incredo-really easy to donate. If you follow this link, your donation will go twice as far. They have some kind of deal with XO Jane where there’s some kind of matching thing.

EVERY DOLLAR WILL FEED 18 PEOPLE.;jsessionid=297D8BA5699F053742C6C2B7A7C73143.app226b?df_id=17221&17221.donation=form1&s_scr=W13C11XOL&s_onsite_promo=W13C11XOL&s_src=W13CREFER&

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