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Published December 21, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Recent events have compromised my Elfin Spirit. (That would be my 19th anniversary which is apparently the cheat on your wife and knock up somebody else anniversary, and the fact that the baby-mama will be spending the Christmas holiday with my Tennessee family while I will be hear fighting off a hefty cat who will NOT stop standing on my sternum.)

I’m not feeling the spirit of the season

As I have mentioned I recently sat through  an afternoon orientation for one of my three part-time jobs.  I stopped myself half-way through my acerbic notes because I thought the grim was too much for one blog.

Here’s some more:

We were told that one of the most frequently open jobs is the Special ED jobs that involve diapering, lifting an feeding.  One woman asked ( yes, it was the woman who had already gotten the attention from the moderator because she wasn’t brown of skin.) if one would be penalized for turning down that job (You aren’t supposed to refuse too many jobs.) because she didn’t feel comfortable doing that. I have a dent in my hand from gripping the table to keep from shrieking,

“I bet you’re not nearly as uncomfortable as some poor kid who’s hanging around in their own waste because YOU are too good to help out.”

Later on, she mentioned that she has school age children.

There is a dent in my other hand from restraining myself from the question, ” Were your kids raised by robots? I ‘m sure they needed diapering at some point, unless, of course you surrendered them to the school system where someone who is not you will change them.”

I’m sure that would make ME look like the bad guy.

I have more to shriek about, but I will tamp it back with a snack until later.

Holly Jolly Oxen Free


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