Hester Prynne and the Dust Vortex

Published January 3, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want me as a student.  (Although one of my absolute favorite students is a lot like me and I enjoy being around her.)

Not only is my mind is a strange and creepy place, I also jump tangents and metaphors like Tron Fan-Fiction (Except of that one, which was a simile, not a metaphor, and what’s a metaphor? Sheep! )

Now that my life is starting to snowball (metaphor) because after six months of applying for jobs and hearing nothing but the sound of roach husks hitting the floor and the sweet streaming sounds of Netflix/Hulu/Pandora, I will be starting one part-time job on Monday, and have training for the other one on Tuesday, I am struggling to find something in my regular life that is interesting. (Yes, I do realize that I just spent 100 words talking about my un-interesting life.)

It’s insane.

My house is a pit. I keep trying to clean, but I get discouraged because of the phantom roach husk that still arrives every other day on the spot where all universes converge and the fact that there is a perpetual dust vortex in the kitchen. The minute I finish sweeping, while I was returning the dustpan to it’s place, there is new and gritty dust on the floor. How is this happening?

Dust Vortex.

My town lost another two bookstores (but not any sports bars!)  and I brought home “The Daily Spark” warm-up activities for the Great Books . Glancing through this brought me to the conclusion that my attitude and whimsy might not be appreciated.

One such question (question 3 in the book ) states :

“Although Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale have committed the same crime of passion, they lead very different lives. Despite her shaming, Hester is mentally healthier than Dimmesdale who tortures himself privately but refuses to confess. Some critics have suggested that Dimmesdale suffers more than Hester because he keeps his sins secrets. 

Consider Hawthorne’s characterization of Dimmesdale. Based on the descriptions of the minister, do you think Dimmesdale would be happier if he confessed? 

I would start my answer with  the assumption that Hester Prynne is mentally healthier than Dimmesdale. Regardless of her pre-natal sanity, anyone who has an infant in the house is not mentally stable. Add in the fact that she doesn’t have any help or support and toss in the whole no heat/electricity/running water thing, and I think it’s a huge stretch of the imagination to say that Hester was resting peacefully.  Dimmesdale should suffer as much if not more than Hester. If you go under the assumption that women of the time were  considered less worldly, shouldn’t he bear the brunt of the violation of the law and another’s wife?  Barring all of that, if I were Hester, I would feel much more sane if I demanded that a big ol A be slapped on Mr. D.  That would make me much happier

You see what a problem I would be in the classroom?

Damn my inquisitive hide

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