Distraction in any language

Published January 29, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

So I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately. I decided to work from home today because I’m starting to feel panicky and stabby.  This is not a good combination, especially since I work with children and books. I love both and do not want to frisbee either across the room because I’m frustrated. 

I know, something has to slack, and it can’t be me. I have a stack of notes for future tirades, most of them about education and reading and how attitudes towards both need changing and feeding, but I can’t consult my notes because it took me all morning and part of the afternoon to deal with my broken phone and get the stuff I need to get me through the next two twelve hour workdays and now I have worked myself up into a new (and improved) frenzy. 

Speaking of frenzied education dilemmas, one of the things I did to prep for the next two days was email the two teachers for whom I’m subbing to ask them how I could best prepare myself for their students. I do this out of courtesy for both the teacher and the students, because tomorrow I’m subbing for High School Special ED and Friday for ESL Kindergarten. Both of these areas are specialized and I think that students who are already challenged deserve a teacher who is at least pretending to be on the ball. (I know, that’s the kind of talk that can get me drummed out of the profession.) 

I got a response from the ESL teacher saying that she is actually leaving the district and that I should have something prepared. 


I strongly suspect that I will have plenty of new and exciting things to say about the state of education after that adventure. 


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