Just breathing

Published January 29, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I think I have book lung. It’s like black lung except I’m not a poor coal miner and I realize I’m kind of being an ass about a job I really like because I get to touch books all day,except I have been touching books all day and my whole respiratory system feels like it needs to be wiped down with a lint free cloth.  

I need to slow down. I realized this last night as I was conducting a phone conversation with my brother. I wanted to call him back because I’m trying to help him along his path to sobriety, but I also needed to feed myself and the cat and the stray cats outside, but I’m running low on cat food,so I gave the cat a big chunk of turkey from my chili and gave the stray cats the crumbs from the bottom of the cat food bag.I also spilled a handful of rice on the floor while trying to get  my lunch together for today. I was trying to stay cheerful for my brother so I forgot about the rice until this morning as I was rushing to get  breakfast ready because I overslept. I gritted through the rice ( I know, EEEEWW.) so I stopped and started sweeping up the rice while rushing stuff to the car. I remembered my lunch and remembered to fish out my credit card and put it in my pocket so I wouldn’t have to try and pry it out of my wallet in the wind when I stopped for gas. I did all of that and left my purse at home. 

I realized that all of this is exactly why my neurologist told me I shouldn’t multi-task because the stress could manifest itself in another surprise brain trauma. 

So here I am, trying to breathe. 

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