I may have misplaced my driver

Published March 16, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

It’s been a strange few weeks. (I know, Quelle Surprise!) I am finding myself overwhelmed by, well, everything.  I am doing my best to stay the course as I work my way through the vast piles of test prep materials. I am discovering that I am either a) unable to twist and mold my brain into  fun new shapes, or b) the research team for the teacher’s certification test haven’t been in a classroom over the last decade. I suspect it is the combination of the two.

I have great plans for how I’m going to prepare for the tests. I have the flashcards and practice tests for English-Language Arts 8-12 and School Librarian K-12. I also have the test prep books for the basic “Let’s see what your common sense in the classroom quotient is” test and the Social Studies endorsement test.

The plan includes benchmarking myself by taking a sample test for each absolutely cold, with no preparation and using that data to map my study plan.

I got an 83 % on my first Social Studies pass.

Who knew?

I haven’t done any of the other subjects yet. I am intimidated by the Language Arts flash cards.

I have planned to record myself reading the cards with the answers and listening to them over and over in order to improve my information retention.  Easy enough, right?

Well, no, of course not.

The recording part is ready to go.

I have purchased a cheap (less than $10) mp3 player exclusively for studying.  So far I have spent a total of $10 of two different players. They are supposed to be plug and play.

Plug and play never works for me.

My computer doesn’t recognize the players and thus will not allow me to transfer audio files.

That sums up everything in my world right now

I know the information is there, I just can’t find the driver.

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