Ok, Jane, I will take your challenge

Published March 30, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

This week, XO Jane Editor-in-Chief and Goddess Supreme has left an open thread for folk to talk/comment/write about. I took the ” First song that comes up when you press shuffle”.  I am too lazy to get up and walk the ten feet to my ipod  so I hit shuffle on itunes. (Well, after I waited for itunes to open and tell me that there is yet another new version of itunes available.) The first thing played was how to pronounce the question “Where is the bank?” in French.  The next was a bit from a Million Little Pieces by James Frey.

Now, I’m not  freaked out by the fact that music is not the first thing to play on itunes. I have always thought outside the box. I’m just a little slow on the uptake. (A week later, I just now realized the metaphor in Divergent.  Go see it; Shailene Woodley kicks ass. )

What did freak me out is the fact that James Frey made money and continues to make money when he bald faced lied to Oprah. He got a her book club endorsement and made a bazillion dollars, then after being exposed as the gentleman with his trousers aflame, made more money on a book that is still considered a memoir. (I didn’t pay for it; I got it from the Public Library. )

It truly tweaks me that liar-heads make money.

Now VC Andrews makes a kajilion dollars, a pretty amazing feet considering  that she had been dead for almost three decades.  What is even more amazing is that her publishers and ghostwriters ARE NOT LYING TO ANYONE. She has ghostwriters. She is dead. That’s true.

And even though she has never been touted by Oprah. She has sold a bunch of books that are pulpy and have shiny peek-a-boo covers so that everyone will know you are reading a Gothic Bodice Ripper that is a little ooky because the bodice is being rended by a close relative of the protagonist.

I would rather read some honest ook than lies masquerading as grim reality.


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