Just the perfect blendship

Published April 12, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I know a friend will take a bullet for you. A real friend will divert the bullet towards your archnemesis.

Today my Amanda friend and I went on a shopping excursion. Towards the end of our adventure, we stopped at the book store. (Yes, we both work in a library and we both have digital reading devices that are chock full of reading options and we both have so many books of our own that we have to divide them into subcategories and give them their own rooms.) As we began our browse we stopped in the local history section. Both of us grew up in the local area so we gravitated towards the neighborhood specific books that were featured. (I kept my comments about the lack of, shall we say, diversity, to myself.) I noticed that the book in which I am featured,Renegades, Showmen & Angels: A Theatrical History of Fort Worth, 1873-2001, was not on the shelf. I inquired, as I am wont to do, if this were something that the library in which we work might purchase the tome. My Amanda friend went forth to the information desk at the bookstore (A large chain that rhymes with darnes and cobles) to inquire about a copy.  The “bookseller” (I use the quotes to indicate that I doubt that this person has the qualifications for the job title.) asked my Amanda friend if you spelled Renegade “Reni?. .. ” Amanda knows me well so she shifted her positions so that the “bookseller” would not be withered by my glare or dampened by my indignant splutter.

That whole experience made my head hurt.

But grateful for my Amanda friend.

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