I’ve GOT to be me. Who else is going to do it?

Published April 19, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

One of the things I truly know myself is that I am always me. I’m always the same person no matter what the situation, I’m always exactly the same. This applies to my appearance most of the time; no matter what I’m doing or how long I’ve primped, my hair is always a little rumpled and my clothes tend to shift as if they are trying to run away from me.

There are good things and bad things about this.  As Actor Boy says, my downfall as an educator will be directly linked to the fact that I insist on talking to children as if they are people. To be fair, I generally talk to adults as if they are bright children.   Most of the time this helps me disguise my freaky obsessiveness and hair trigger temper. This just means I bring it home with me.

There were a couple of times last week when I wished I could NOT be me for a few minutes.

On encounter one, a colleague, let’s say her name is Persimmon, lightly chided me and another co-worker for talking. Persimmon is not my supervisor, nor is anything I do related to her, but because I respect people for their experience, I didn’t respond as I wanted, “You’re not the boss of me.”  It upset my co-worker and the only reason I still care about it is that  I want to live in happy bunny land and I don’t want anyone to be upset. {I won’t even read the Tale of Benjamin Bunny because (spoiler alert) he and Peter Rabbit get spanked }

On a different day, an older gentlemen maybe late 50’s, came into the library to fill out a job application online . He was Mexican. Not Mexican American, but Mexican. (As my brother-in-law says, we can always tell.)  He asked if anyone there spoke Spanish. I understand it when it is spoken to me and I can read Spanish, but it takes me awhile to process the information to respond. I don’t even speak enough Spanish to tell him that.

None of my colleagues speak Spanish.

The only thing I could do was log him on, show him the website he was looking for and show him how to cut and paste information into Google translate.  He was applying  for a menial labor position.

Because I am who I am, it hurt my heart to see a man who is clearly trying to get a job, but doesn’t have the skills to communicate that.  This man was neatly groomed and courteous and I wish that I had been able to help him.  He was about a zillion times nicer than the two guys who came in to take an on-line test for their jobs. One of them didn’t even speak, just communicated with grunts and gestures. The other didn’t stop chewing his tobacco long enough to speak to me.

But I’m a nice person, so I didn’t say anything.

Stay tuned for a diatribe on standardized testing. Because that’s who I am .


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