Kind of a big number

Published June 29, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

To whom it may concern: I have been compiling notes for the past few days for this blog.(Not the blog in general, this specific blog.) I want it to be especially significant because it is the 450th.  That is not to say that every other  one was a heap of word fluff. (All though most of them probably were.)  I have had a lot of interesting things happen around me lately that will more than likely appear in plays or short stories with thinly veiled characters based on these events. It is too soon to write about these. In fact, the veil will be so thin that I suspect publishing it after my death will be too soon.

So what do I want to say? That question led me to the bigger query: What do I want?  (Right now I want a big icy coffee and some animal crackers and maybe something to help me with this ADD thing that has crept up on me with my rapidly advancing age.)

The want thing is hard to pin down. There are several things that I can think of like a full-time job, so I can keep my leaky roof over my head and have some level of solvency.  But what do I really want? (I will punch anyone in the face if they start singing that Spice Girls song. A  cold glass of punch would be good now too . . . maybe I should get something to drink.)

Fairly high on the list of the things that I want is the ability to make things fair.

Now I know that there is no way that I can even up all of the odds for everyone, but I would love to be able to at least provide the resources to balance things out.

As I wend my way through the course work that is part and parcel of the Alternative Certification process, my mind floods with ideas for my own class room (and perhaps how to tone down the rhetoric a bit because really , what was that? )

According to a recent module (that’s what each individual section of the course work is called. I guess it’s the cubicle of the education world. I like to think it is a space ship full of ideas that I can maybe blast into space when I grow weary of it.), education is the key to a better life and more earning potential (Now I’m not the best person to make that argument from a dollars and cents perspective. With those diplomas and credentials I do have earning potential. I just don’t have earning actual. At least I know what I’m missing. Approximately 9 centimeters of brain. For real.  I have pictures.)

I guess what I want is opportunity. The opportunity to even the odds, to make a bit of difference to someone or a lot of someones and give them  a foot hold into more and/or better education.

So how do I do that?  Well I can start by teaching. I am taking baby steps in that direction. I can only go as fast as my brain and time will let me. I have already applied for four different teaching positions. I know that new postings will come up in the middle of July, and most teaching positions don’t start until August. I have six more modules to complete and then I have to take the appropriate tests.

Once I have done all of that, all I can do is wait. And because Writer Chick hates that, I spend my time mulling over what  specifically I can accomplish.

I know there is only so much one person can do, particularly when all occasions do inform against me. (Hamlet might as well have been talking about public education for all of the sound and fury signifying nothing. I know, that last one was from the Scottish Play.)

That certainly was a long way to go to say something without actually saying anything.

I promise I will make an attempt to make sense. I make no guarantees, but I will make the attempt. I will be back soon with the fact based five year plan.

A big thank you to Actor Boy, Amanda Friend, Sara Killer, and all of the others who have supported me in the creation of this and other long-winded blurbs from my very tired keyboard. (Seriously, the X , N, J, and P have decided they want to work on flex schedule. This will get interesting.)


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