So this is happening . . .

Published July 2, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

My diatribe on problems in education is temporarily sidetracked by reality (Isn’t that always the way?)

The good news is that I finished my course work for my Alternative Certification. (Minimal hoots of joy. Why minimal? I’ll tell you.)

The bad news is that last week was like a never-ending opera of errors (I don’t get to have comedies, apparently).

Actor Boy was here (Yay!)  He slept in his contacts (Boo!) and got an eye infection.(Tres’ Boo.)  I had to take him to an eye doctor. He doesn’t have insurance, and since I  want him to be able to see so he can go on to perform in major motion pictures and support the both of us, I made the investment. (Ouch.) We had to postpone our plans and the entire city flash flooded. We were safe. (mixed-blessing, he complained a lot.)  As the week continued, we both got tired and spent a lot of time watching the roof leak and getting ready for Birthday weekend.  As we prepared to leave on Friday, Actor Boy screamed “911!, the bathroom is exploding!” I thought he was referring to the plumbing; we had lot of rain. No, there were actual flames and sparks shooting out of the light fixture in the bathroom.  It was 4 o’clock on Friday, what could we do? Turn off the fixture, fan the air and try not to panic.  A matter of hours later, there was a family emergency in Actor Boy’s family that involved me driving about four extra hours on my birthday. I’m not a child; I understand that things happen, but really, did that have to include the gas pump geyser on me?   Today I finally had someone come look at the light fixture (You would be amazed at how fast they respond when you say you think your house may explode.)

The electrician was super hot. And super married. And because I have ethics and morals and would in no way make a pass at SOMEONE ELSE’S HUSBAND BECAUSE THAT IS JUST WRONG. I left it at that while he told me how lucky I was that my house didn’t actually explode because the breaker box on that side of the house not only is not manufactured anymore, it is also listed as a fire hazard. That’s why the power didn’t go out when the flames began shooting. (I suspect Actor Boy exaggerated.)  There is also significant corrosion on the main breaker and that will have to be replaced, too.

I think the technician thought I was seriously cracking up because I just smiled and nodded at everything he said.  I think it would have been sharing too much to tell him why I was not at all surprised this was happening.

I think I’m about to be called for a final interview for JOB.

Why do I think this?

Read the above, and if you need more evidence, Super Hot Dude had to take his shirt off because he was getting sweaty.

The universe mocks me.


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