Let it not be unsaid

Published July 4, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

The last few days have been a perfect example of how things can go from mostly ok to completely kerfluey in a matter of seconds. Actor Boy had a death in his family and I spent most of my birthday driving him to a relative’s home and driving myself back, via a gas station with a faulty pump, thus causing me to drench myself in gas and have to drive back amidst a cloud of vapor. (There is quite a bit to be said for drowning your sorrows in a bag of dill pickle flavored chips and a soda while you drive 70 miles an hour singing atonally along with the radio.)

It was heart breaking to hear the pain in Actor Boy’s voice as he said his good-byes to his uncle.

It made me wonder what we are saving all of our thoughts and words for all of the days that we do have people in our world.   I lost one of my uncles yesterday. He had been ill for a while and is in his 70’s, but death of a loved one is always a loss. My ninety-two year old grandmother was hospitalized due to a fall. She is doing well. Another uncle collapsed at work and has spent the last 24 hours having tests run to make sure he is well. My cat, my beloved Samantha got out sometime on Tuesday evening. I found her yesterday cowering under a bush in the yard suffering from a bite of some kind. Very expensive kitty surgery later, she is home ensconced in a cone and taking fluids from a spoon and wet food from a shallow plate.  My Amanda Friend helped me rescue her.

Yes, yesterday was a very bad day.

But today is another chance to say the things that should be said.

I am seriously concerned about the state of our public education system. I am still trying to narrow down what the biggest problem may be.

According to Elaine Weiss, the biggest problem is poverty.


Now I know that the poor will always be among us and that there is only so much we can do when we have so little.  But it hurts my heart to think there are so many kids who need resources that are available to the few. It’s definitely a case of “That’s not fair.”

According to the Weiss, there are a staggering number of students who don’t have the luxury of basic necessities. It’s hard to focus on a project when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from and/ or if Mom or Dad will have a job.

There are too many kids who need too many things. So many of these would be heartened and fulfilled in a small way if someone, anyone took time to say something.

This month I’m going to say things that I think should be said. (Nothing dangerous, illegal or profane; I still want to teach and be able to keep my beloved kitty in cat tranquilizers and wet food.)

My challenge is to say the things that I feel need to be heard. To speak up before it’s too late.

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