I have more than 99 problems and not a one of them makes sense. (I could not in good faith write a grammatically incorrect sentence.)

Published July 6, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I accidentally stumbled upon the macro set-up for this program and it actually blew my mind a bit. My ADD constantly battles with my To-Do list.

I was going to start this blog with a quote from a Gallup poll about the problems in education. The largest percentage went to funding. That makes sense. Then I noticed that this poll is twelve years old. I’m sure it’s still valid; I’ve never heard an educator say, “What am I going to do with all of this money?”

I think it’s safe to say that both the schools and the students could use an economic boost.  Today as I was reviewing for the TeXes Theater Arts EC-12, I learned the difference between a hobo, a bum and a tramp. I wonder why this bit of information is in the Theater Arts test book. I also wonder why ONE test is sufficient to cover teaching theater for Early Childhood to Grade 12. The study materials for the other tests are considerably more dense and involved.

I love seeing my craft reduced one multiple choice test.  (I realize how pretentious it is to say “Craft.” I would call my theater skills a craft if it came with a little red stick to make my cheese spreading easier.)

I have an awful lot of summative knowledge to condense and organize in my head.   (Is summative and condense redundant? I think the only thing that should be condensed is soup, and maybe general fiction.)

I think I know why I’m having difficulty. Not a problem, a leaky roof and a fire-hazardous breaker box is a problem.  Possibly catching malaria from mosquito bites received while dragging your raccoon bit cat out from under a bush is a problem.  I am having difficulty sorting out what information I should keep and what should go when the course work discusses a hypothetical student problem involving a pre-teen girl who is pre-occupied with her social life and applies make-up in class when there are real problems like the 300 girls who were kidnapped from their school months ago and no one seems to care anymore.

What happened, world? Why did we lose interest? Is it because no one likes to think about world problems that doesn’t involve a soccer game. The whole planet took notice of Luis Suarez biting someone in the middle of the game. Why were we watching this in the first place”? Clearly we have the technology to view and replay this idiocy over and over again. Note: I am not calling Luis Suarez an idiot. I am calling the act idiotic. If you’re mad at me for saying so, please harness that mad and aim it towards the group who took these girls who were doing the heinous act of pursuing education.

Can we send Luis over to bite them?

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