Is that really breaking?

Published July 11, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Sometimes my only window to the outside world is a breaking news update from the Huffington Post. I know all news is skewed in some way (I am an optimist, not an idiot.) soI do review the news from other sources and I have just renewed my subscription to The Week.

I got a breaking news alert about LeBron James going back to Cleveland. All of this under a big red banner that said “Return of the King”. I’m not a sports fanatic, so it’s not a huge revelation to the world that all I know about LeBron came from a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget commercial. (There was also a puppet involved in that; I assume he still is looking for a contract of some kind.)

Really, does this information warrant breaking coverage?  Other things are happening in the world, but I had to hunt for the story about the Earthquake off the coast of Japan,triggering a Tsunami warning. An unexpected cold front is predicted for next week (Can you really predict it if it is unexpected?)  I would provide a link, but I can’t see to find one.  Women in India are still being treated as pawns in the most horrifying way imaginable ( While here in America a video of teenage girl being raped goes viral (

In other horrible news, Kim Kardashian’s Iphone game is set to make 200 million dollars this year (

I’m not sure why I started this rant, but it makes me tired in the same way that knowing the house needs to be cleaned.

It’s a great big mess, but I’m only one little me.

There’s going to be a Supermoon tomorrow. Take a look at it and see if it’s wearing a cape. I hope so.

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