So, this is happening . . .

Published July 14, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

As I have said/screamed/raged/guffawed, I am preparing for my teaching certification. In the state in which I reside (insanity?) this is about a million times more complicated than it needs to be in a world where there are so many terrible teachers who cruise their classrooms for dates and/or abusing  students with indifference or inferior education (I have a lot to say about this.)

I am studying for one of the tests that reviews the basic components of learning English. This isn’t as mind-numbing as it could be, because a lot of this was covered in some of the coursework I have just completed.

A portion of the review struck me with such resonance that I had to underline it for future reference.  (This is the Academic equivalent of screaming “Hells to the Yeah!”  I would do that, too, but I didn’t want to startle the cat. She’s had a rough week.)

“The cognitive model of language acquisition, developed by Piaget, asserts that individuals develop linguistic skills in order to control their environment .” -TExES Mometrix test preparation.

(Here’s a bit  about Jean. I don’t know how accurate the information is but the picture of him is mighty cute. i

There is a wonderful story by Dan Simmons called Vanni Fucci isAlive and Well and Living in Hell. (Google it, it’s worth a peek)

In the story, an inhabitant of hell, according to Dante’s Inferno, appears on a televangelist show to request that someone rewrite a description of hell. It seem in the reality of the story, until the universe create hell because Dante described it.

So, more Piaget.

The reason I used the qualifier “In the reality of the story” because I want to avoid anyone who might smite me, and because I agree with Piaget. We do create our own reality with our language. Actor Boy says he watched me and my dad have an entire conversation through a series of eye rolls.  My Amanda friend only speaks with a Texas accent when she’s talking to me.   I know a dog named Styner who could say, “Bitch, Please:” much better than Ru Paul. (You have to watch the attitude around Yellow Labs)

We create our method of communication  so that we can establish order in our own little patch of the universe.

So my house isn’t messy, I’m creating a fortress of solitude out of books and pens and paper.

Works for me.

Lots going on. More on Method and Madness soon.

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