Make some cents

Published July 16, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I love teaching and I love learning, so I am kicking myself for not having gotten my certification earlier in my career, like maybe when it started.  I somehow have managed to spend twenty years or so teaching part-time under the auspices of volunteering  with non-profit groups or being paid to substitute teach.

Now that I am middle-aged (Oh it burns, it burns!)  I have decided to actually act like a grown up and get certified already and support myself.  (I made this decision prior to what I can the Diaspora. For those of you who will look it up and know at least one person will, I know that my situation doesn’t technically meet the requirements, but being forcibly removed from your homeland fits the purpose.)

So here I am studying like a fiend to get ready for the TExEs. (For those of you trying to decode my location, that was a big hint.)  I am also applying for just about any job I for which I’m qualified. It averages out to one application every three days. This activity combined with studying and the crap-storm that is my life has caused me to have a tension headache swing by to visit my sinus cavity.  Sometimes the tension  will wander over to one side of my head. (My Amanda Friend suggested I lay with my head on that side so that gravity will pull it out of my head.  I’m kind of afraid to do this because I might lose something valuable.

As you might have noticed, I have a tendency to meander, both literally and figuratively. Somehow I manged to find my way into a curiosity about insane asylums.  I have no idea why. I do see some resonance between my physical and mental reality.

If you are aware of your sanity, does that make you insane? How long will I think about that until I feel my frontal lobe begin to unwind?

Probably a lot longer than you  would think . (Or would you?)

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