Have we learned nothing from the Ebola virus?

Published July 17, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Leading news this morning: a giant hole has appeared at what is called the world’s end.


So what do we do? Plan a bunch of expeditions to poke around inside the hole to see what happens.

I hope that a bunch of bongo playing monkeys with Alanis Morrisette;s face come boiling out trailing streamers made of forgotten political promises and the secrets to a delicious fat-free doughnut.

Seriously.  A giant hole just appeared. Anywhere. Do you immediately start poking around in it? Imagine you are six years old and a gaping wound just appears. Does your mother or designated adult just let you start yabbing at it with a stick? No. You are to wait until a logical plan appears.

Knowing what we know about the spread of disease and the fact that the Earth is clearly trying to eject us like a bad cow heart and the fact that technology led us thinking people into the darkened recesses of an African Cave where the natives clearly did not want us to go because “Bad things are in there”. And what did we learn? We learned that the bad thing was a deadly virus that will eat your face off lives there. And we poked around and it got out.

Because we just couldn’t resist poking it with a stick.

When has poking something with a stick every turned out good?


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