I know what the problem is . . .

Published July 24, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

A former student of mine, a charming lass of great wit and creativity that I had the great fortune to teach for two years at two separate schools, was explaining to me the oddity of the decor in her home.  I was confused. She noticed and said, “I know what the problem is. . .. You want this to make sense.” Yes, Helena, I do want it to make sense.  That has been my hall mark and downfall on many a project or plan. Sometimes if I  let it go the nonsense will free form into a cohesion that may ultimately bring the whole thing together.

This is difficult for me. I usually embrace the chaos of activity but as I learn how to pass the tests that will, yea verily, turn me into a teacher,  I will have to harness the chaos into it’s own happy jumble.  I know this doesn’t make much sense right now.  It might tomorrow. My anti-seizure medication just kicked in and I probably shouldn’t be noodling around on the Intrawebs.   Sunday July 27 marks the anniversary of that time my head blew up.  I am still on many, many medications. They are all preventative, but they do make me loopy, which is probably better because I need to turn off the computer and lie still like broccoli before I make even less sense.

Night All

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