Altared Reality

Published August 4, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

One of my ongoing first world problems is that for some reason the universe does not want me accessing audible entertainment while I operate my motor vehicle. Every single car I have ever driven has had a less than adequate sound system.  I usually find myself listening to a walkman, boom box and these days an MP3 player to keep myself from browsing radio stations and inevitably running across a song that will enrage me.

The book which I am listening to while I traverse the area looking for supplies and coffee and other stuff raised the idea of putting boundaries and thought into creating your own personal boundaries.

I was listening to this as I was heading out to meet BBB, a color from my past (allusion to a Flowerhead song, story for another time. ) BBB spent some time together in the late 1980’s. We have many of the same friends and share some memories from the summers spent as Casa Rats.

Somehow we got on the topic of the “One that Got Away.”  (We aren’t each others. This would be too Nicholas Sparks, and  BBB is married with two kids and I have those pesky morals and boundaries.)   The conversation turned into a lot of what ifs, and tracing the trajectories that put us on our current life path.  I don’t know what could have changed about my life.  I suspect I wouldn’t be coming out of 20 year marriage. With any luck, I would have gained the savvy to see through that kind of thing and the testicular fortitude to do something about it.   I’m not real sure how BBB could have altered his reality, or if he even wants to. He has a beautiful wife, two adorable kids and a good life.   If he could change his trajectory would he have still landed where he is.

I don’t know. I would have to go back about 25 years to pick up my own trajectory. I’m not sure where I would have wound up. Would I have found Actor Boy?  Would it matter? It is indeed a conundrum.

This whole conversation was sparked by a Margarita that was so spicy it was an insult to all of the cactus in Mesoamerica.

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