Keeping Desperandum at nil

Published August 7, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

So here I am,about 11 days before most schools start their teacher’s inservice in preparation for back-to-school. I have been on two interviews and a job fair. I have followed up with pleasant phone calls and sent politely inquisitive emails.

Still no job.

I know that I do have the luxury of a small savings account and some remaining marital support (sounds vaguely medical) so I’m not going to have to resort to selling plasma or anything else involving body fluids.   I am at a better place than I was this time last year. I am now an even more highly qualified unemployed teacher.

I’m trying to keep my sunny side up because no one knows better than me that the unexpected happens, well, when you least expect it. (That is possible the stupidest thing I have said today.Only way to go is up.)

I do want to know who hired the teacher in Oklahoma who showed up on her first day of work drunk.

Having over twenty years experience in education, I certainly understand the need to knock back a cocktail or two. I have never been so overwhelmed by the prospect of teaching that I had to get knee walking drunk and take my pants off.

It is a bit discouraging when I show up on time or early for interviews and appointments with my portfolio replete with transcripts and impeccable references and a glowing letter of recommendation from a former student, and I still am unemployed.

I know that a zillion other things are happening on the planet, such as the fact that the hell mouth has opened up in Siberia (and we can’t seem to stop poking at it.) and Nigeria has turned into a boiling snarl of illness and evil ( world’s worst theme bar.)

But in the great grand scheme of things, what would it hurt if I had a class to teach before the super-robots take over, leaving me to search for the perfect quiche recipe?


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