Proving the rule

Published August 10, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I went to yoga today with my Amanda Friend.  I enjoy yoga. I like feeling all zen and flowy.

Today was not that kind of yoga class.

Today’s leader (I don’t want to call him Yogi.  You can probably guess why.) sounded just like Ben Stein and it was kind of messing with me before we even got started. (Quelle Surprise!) And being me, this made me a bit giggly.

He made mention of the lunar event tonight and I kept my comment about the Super-robots to myself. (Strange, people tend to think you’re crazy when you mention that you have things you want to get done before the Super-robot war.) Ben Stein went on to talk about the amazing things that were in space.

Most people would have taken this moment to OOH and AAH about the mysteries of the cosmos. I remembered a news story about a missing Russian satellite. The satellite is carrying Geckos who sole purpose is to have sex.

Fornicating Geckos are lost in space.

This thought was not conducive to the calm I usual need to mold and bend myself in fun, new shapes.

I did try to keep an open mind, and pelvis and other body parts, but I have to say I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as I usually do.

I try to harness my crazy all at one time, but it wants to escape when Ben Stein wants me to use my chin to pull myself up off of the floor (Ok, that’s paraphrasing, but not by much.)

You see what I mean? Every day crazy sounds closer to normal than the day before. Except, of course for the geckos. They are probably having a grand time.

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