Guess what day it is?

Published August 15, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

According to the information I got a the job fair, I shouldn’t panic until August 14, because most schools will be hiring up to and including that day. I gave the system an extra day. Can I panic now?

I am a bit afraid that if I commence to panicking about one thing, the flood gates will open and it will end up with an ugly scene where I kick the trash cans around the street because Waste Management throws them wherever the hell they feel like.

Then I get a reality check hits me, like there is an actual PSA in India to keep people from pooping in the street.

So maybe the trash cans all higgledy piggledy is not that big of a deal.

I was at a family function last night, a birthday party for two of my cousins. They are 8. I have the kind of family where everyone gets invited to everything. One of my cousins brought her boyfriend. It takes a very brave person to meet my family, just in general. This guy met most of us in bathing suits. (It was a pool party.) Earlier when I was quizzing my family members on possible teaching positions they may know of, (There’s a lot of us and it doesn’t hurt to network.) One of cousins remarked, “Oh, I thought you needed to have someone beaten up. Amy will do it.”
Amy is the one who brought her boyfriend and when she got there I told her what our cousin had said. She put her purse down and said, “Sure, who is it?”

My family is awesome.

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