Maybe doughnuts are the answer.

Published August 20, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Kind of a grim day. WordPress just ate the first draft of this blog, so I apologize if my whimsy is a bit diluted (Diluted,deluded, you decide.)

I overslept this morning but didn’t stress about it because, hey, I’m unemployed so who cares? The cat actually cared a little because she was out of food and she has no thumbs, nor car keys so she had to stand on my spleen and stare at me til I woke up.

The spleen standing was really the only thing happening this morning and I had to drag myself into clothes so I could take the signed paperwork to the lawyer, so that it can get filed so EH and I can go to court and get dissolved with as little acrimony as possible (Rhymes with Matrimony, coincidence?)

The law clerk said that everything was in order, except that EH’s notary signed the document in the wrong place.  So another wrinkle in the timeline.

I couldn’t shake the grim mood. A trip to the Thrift Store Outlet did nothing to help my mood, but did make a dent in my faith in humanity.  As I made my way home, I decided to treat myself to a trip to the Dunkin Doughnuts drive through (I know that sounds lame, but there is only one such establishment in my whole area code.) Is it my fault that giant iced coffee’s are half price after noon? No, nor is it my fault that Munchkins are so damn tasty.

I got home, got myself all cranked up on sugar and caffeine and discovered that there was a contract pending for a proposal I had submitted on Odesk. (Last week, I was asked to interview for a contract, I did and submitted a proposal, I heard nothing.) This means someone will be paying me to adapt a graphic novel for the stage.

It’s not much, but I will get paid and adaptation credit.

Because this is a new start on a new contract I decided to set up a new work area so I can start tomorrow. So I am now in the process of setting up the new laptop and noodling around with the keyboard so I can switch back from  Teacher Girl to Writer Chick tomorrow.

I need to find my Sock Monkey pants.


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