Could be. Who knows?

Published August 22, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

If you could sing the title, you might be a theater afficionado. (Or Taffi. I just right now coined that. You know the rules, you use it, you have to encourage someone to visit my web page and/or buy my book .

I’m in teacher limbo right now. That doesn’t mean I am writhing, snake-like to calypso music whilst trying to crawl under a yard stick, although that does sound like something I would do. It means I am waiting to hear about the full time job that will kick my ass/bring me job fulfillment/allow me to earn a living wage. Why yes, it is awfully last minute for someone who has to fine tune levels of caffeine and chocolate in order to stay alert without going over the edge to jittery and anxious, but things are what they are.

I’m still journaling because I get some of my best ideas when I’m not thinking.  (Yes, I wrote that sentence on purpose.)

That’s the thing about amazing. You don’t know you’ll get there until you’ve gotten there. That’s  why you have to bring your A-game to everything. (Think it out  slowly. It will make sense.)

So while I’m waiting to mold and shape the young minds into my own graven images, I’m pretending not to notice that crazy is continuing to happen everywhere.  I find it hard to believe that race relations have changed so little in the last fifty something years. (I know, I know. It’s almost like I want people to be nice to each other.)

An American journalist was beheaded. The Middle East continues to  blurble and rage. Pope Francis continues to be awesome. And the beat goes on.

We still have the chance to be amazing. We just have to start.

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