It might have been something I said

Published August 24, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

So I got a full-time teaching job.  I’m excited and overwhelmed and overjoyed and a little nervous. I have it on good authority or at least in the opinion of my friend, CWH, I don’t have to actually become a grown-up, it’s still theatre.  I’m excited that I will finally have my own classroom, albeit temporarily empty (I just wanted to say” albeit”)

I strongly suspect that I will have many, many things to write about in the upcoming days, especially since I’ve only been a full-time teacher for 36 hours, have yet to met a student and am already so floopy that I not only put my pants on backwards this morning, I also put my shoes on the wrong feet. The capper was the fact that the shoes were from two different pairs.

I have many, many things to do. It will be an adventure. I get to be a part of the amazing.  I know I need at least three shots of espresso followed by two cups of coffee, doled out over six hours to be a fully functioning cog in the educational machine.

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