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Adventure eve

Published December 28, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Tomorrow I am going to pry myself off of the couch and out of my comfort zone and launch myself into an adventure. I am going to NYC to stay with Actor Boy for a few days.

I am looking forward to seeing him but I have absolutely no idea what to expect.  I know his roommates are nice and I know that he works half a block away from the mothership (Barnes and Noble.) The whole point of this adventure is to have some time together so we can catch up and have some family time. I have absolutely no idea what is on the agenda or if there is an agenda or if I’m just going to stare straight ahead for five days before I head back. (That probably won’t happen.) I also go back to school in a week and I have to find my war face by then and do seating charts and post new rules and get everyone ready for a final.

Meanwhile, I think my Nyquil/Whiskey regimen has cured my cold.


What was it you wanted?

Published December 24, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I’m a big Bob Dylan fan and, as I have mentioned, my fandom and ability to function under the power of delusion is the only reason I survived my last semesters in college.

As I sit here on Christmas Eve, I am pondering the why’s and wherefores (that actually is redundant, but sounds good.) of the holiday.  I look forward to the family part of family most of all. I know my little cousins are more than likely anticipating a particular toy or book or something else that is tangible.

I don’t really know what gift I seek. Maybe it’s a way to state the sentiment without sounding pretentious.

While I would like an iPod touch to replace the one that was stolen from my desk, that’s not exactly what I want; I want mine back. I want it back because I bought it myself with the money I earned in my new job and I picked that particular model because I wanted my TN family to be able to facetime me whenever they wanted. I got it because I want to be accessible to my nieces.

The fact that someone took it is a direct demonstration of a huge failing on my part.

I wanted to trust my students. I wanted to have faith in the good nature and kindness of people.

So while I would appreciate an iPod, what I most want is for it not to have been taken in the first place.

That is basically my entire want pattern in 250 words.

Most of what I wish is for the bad stuff not to have happened. And to have a huge basket of good stuff to sprinkle on the world.

I suspect the sprinkles will be chocolate.


That doesn’t sound like something I would say. Or does it?

Published December 23, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I’m feeling a bit numb as I decompress. I’ve been sleeping as late as the cat will let me and then I just meander around doing the absolute bear minimum.

I’m still thinking about all of the stuff I have to do for school, but most of can be done quickly, thus, I can put it off for a bit longer.  I am prone to headache and am allergic to Christmas trees, so the season itself wants me to be as slack as possible.

Today I had to go to the eye doctor to fit my new contact lenses. As my eyes adjusted, I didn’t quite recognize myself.  It wasn’t that I didn’t remember what I looked like (There was a party I went to in college when George Miller made me a drink with Captain Morgan’s that caused me to question my visage, but I’m pretty sure that’s something completely different.)  It was more that my personal perspective of my face was not what I saw in the mirror.

This leads me to a monumental conundrum.

Am I who I really appear to be? Are any of us ? And if we are not, who are we? And how can we trust someone to tell us the truth?

This is wha

Limited information underload

Published December 23, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

While Crazy Drama Lady is enjoying the downtime, Writer Chick is starting to get restless. (That’s my version of the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, or my old, tired behind doesn’t really want to get up off of the couch and my relatively  nimble mind is relying on Netflix and XO Jane and the Facebook news feed for any outside stimulation. )

My brain and psyche have called it a draw;I am marathon watching Bridezillas, mostly so my brain can stomp around and ask importantly, “Who are these people?”  (Yes, my brain has feet. )

I wonder how much of this show is editing or if people are really as awful as they seem.

My other information resource, the various articles at, tell me that maybe people aren’t as bad as the seem, but there are several natural disasters that the populace may not be aware of. All of these disasters could happen at any time with Extinction Level results.

That leaves me pondering what will future civilizations will make of us. This is definitely something to think about while you wrap up your Christmas shopping.

When can I change the aggression from passive back to active?

Published December 22, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I spent some time with my Amanda Friend today, as usual, we turned a mundane afternoon of errands into a whirlwind of zany adventure. ( I consider many things to be zany.)

One of my missions today was to fetch/purchase gift cards for my in-laws.  I am aware that they are ex-in-laws, but I feel that after 20 years, they are still family. Last year I sent assorted gift cards in the amount of ten dollars each. It is my understanding that they were a big hit. I included the Adulteress in the number of recipients because I’m a nice person.

The Ex told me that he is leaving tomorrow to make the trek to homefort. He did not tell me until after I finished my task that he would not be able to pick these up before he leaves and that I should just overnight them.

I am seriously considering sending a bop-it or some other equally horrifying, noisy toy along with it.  (Because a box of killer bees might be opened by the wrong person.)

This is a very tense time of year under the best of circumstances and, suffice it to say , these are not the best of circumstances. I’m tired and vexed and getting really tired of being the better man. (Is the better man always a woman ? Point to ponder.)

One of the things I have to do during the break is investigate a new phone plan. I am seriously considering a pre pay plan.

I want to make things as easy as possible, mainly because I can’t really absorb any new information.

To make things as simple as possible, I plan to go to the outlet of my wireless provider and say:

“Hi, this is the number I currently have and I need to know what I can do to sever my ties with my current contract because it s with my ex-husband. It is my belief that it is not in my interest to leave my communication options at the mercy of someone who lives and is raising a child with an adulteress with terrible teeth and questionable moral fiber.  So, tell, me what do you have in a go phone?”


It wouldn’t be the strangest thing.

Published December 20, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Why yes, I am aware that I wrote a rambly blog yesterday that wound up being about to how a giant stress zit made me aware that my car was having  transmission issues. (BTW, it has a few leaks that will cost a few hundred to fix. I will need to have some major work done on the car soon.)

I don’t know if you remember the mascot I created for the National Grit Council, Gritso.

That was much stranger than the Car Diagnosing Blemish.

I think this is why I am mainly unflappable. I’m just used to exterior flapping, what with the Time Weasels, and the general flurry of madness boiling around me.

Now that I have a break and many chances to nap, I’m working on processing information that has been waiting for me to attend to. Things like financial planning.

Numbers, in general, make my mind boggle (hence the rattling sound)

I have a heap of tasks to do and phone calls to make as I get a retirement plan in place.  I will do that, because that is what responsible grown-ups will do.

However, I think a wiser investment is to put money into supporting local charities to ensure that children have food and basic necessities. This is mainly because I have the very strong feeling that the universe is going to implode or the planet is going to reject us like a bad cow heart because humanity is spiraling out of control.

I said as much to my financial planner.  I have to say he flapped a bit.

I’m still going to make the calls and do what I can.

I still think making sure kids have food and maybe something shiny for the holiday is much more important.


I think I have the proof

Published December 20, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I have often thought the universe mocks me and I have mentioned a time or two that I strongly suspect that I am the pawn between good and evil.

I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to finish a thought, let alone an actual project. Now it is the first night of Winter Break and I am taking some time to reflect. (I actually really hate using “reflect” as a verb.)

The stress zit that I used to get every September in celebration/consternation of the Fall Show at Fort Worth Theatre. It took me years to convince my skin that I did not need a memorial blemish.

The stress zit finally caught up to me and my new schedule.

The Winter Play went off, not hitchless but it was well received. It was largely student written and directed and featured 50 students.  The parents loved it and their were only two diva meltdowns(neither of them mine.)

The big post show let down was that I still had to teach a full day today.  I am over the firm belief that students should be sedated at noon on the day before a break as the teachers slowly ride out the day.

On the way home, my sluggish transmission started making a horrible sound.

My stress zit was so huge I think it actually grazed the windshield. It is possible that it grew when I heard the sound my engine was making

As I look back on this week, I am tired. Several of my students said they love me. I told them I love each of them individually, as a group, they drive me crazy.

I may be able to make more sense tomorrow.

The cat wants me to stop typing now.