When can I change the aggression from passive back to active?

Published December 22, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I spent some time with my Amanda Friend today, as usual, we turned a mundane afternoon of errands into a whirlwind of zany adventure. ( I consider many things to be zany.)

One of my missions today was to fetch/purchase gift cards for my in-laws.  I am aware that they are ex-in-laws, but I feel that after 20 years, they are still family. Last year I sent assorted gift cards in the amount of ten dollars each. It is my understanding that they were a big hit. I included the Adulteress in the number of recipients because I’m a nice person.

The Ex told me that he is leaving tomorrow to make the trek to homefort. He did not tell me until after I finished my task that he would not be able to pick these up before he leaves and that I should just overnight them.

I am seriously considering sending a bop-it or some other equally horrifying, noisy toy along with it.  (Because a box of killer bees might be opened by the wrong person.)

This is a very tense time of year under the best of circumstances and, suffice it to say , these are not the best of circumstances. I’m tired and vexed and getting really tired of being the better man. (Is the better man always a woman ? Point to ponder.)

One of the things I have to do during the break is investigate a new phone plan. I am seriously considering a pre pay plan.

I want to make things as easy as possible, mainly because I can’t really absorb any new information.

To make things as simple as possible, I plan to go to the outlet of my wireless provider and say:

“Hi, this is the number I currently have and I need to know what I can do to sever my ties with my current contract because it s with my ex-husband. It is my belief that it is not in my interest to leave my communication options at the mercy of someone who lives and is raising a child with an adulteress with terrible teeth and questionable moral fiber.  So, tell, me what do you have in a go phone?”


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