That doesn’t sound like something I would say. Or does it?

Published December 23, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I’m feeling a bit numb as I decompress. I’ve been sleeping as late as the cat will let me and then I just meander around doing the absolute bear minimum.

I’m still thinking about all of the stuff I have to do for school, but most of can be done quickly, thus, I can put it off for a bit longer.  I am prone to headache and am allergic to Christmas trees, so the season itself wants me to be as slack as possible.

Today I had to go to the eye doctor to fit my new contact lenses. As my eyes adjusted, I didn’t quite recognize myself.  It wasn’t that I didn’t remember what I looked like (There was a party I went to in college when George Miller made me a drink with Captain Morgan’s that caused me to question my visage, but I’m pretty sure that’s something completely different.)  It was more that my personal perspective of my face was not what I saw in the mirror.

This leads me to a monumental conundrum.

Am I who I really appear to be? Are any of us ? And if we are not, who are we? And how can we trust someone to tell us the truth?

This is wha

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