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But not today!

Published January 24, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I have often heard, and have often said, that Impossible is Nothing. (I know it’s a slogan for a sports shoe of some kind, but I kind of adopted it as my personal slogan/Ichallenge/mantra after that time when my head blew up.)

For awhile, I’ve forgotten it. (That’s how it is when you teach middle school and you’re so tired of hearing your own name that you want to change it and not tell anyone. I think it might actually be due to the airborne Flaming Hot Cheeto dust.It’s left a thin, bright coating on my neurons.)

Still, Job-like, I have kept moving forward. This last few weeks have been challenging, disturbing and more than a little soul-robbing.

Today, it was mostly ok.

I don’t want to jinx myself, but today I had a 90% engagement rate. (That means out of 37 students, 34 of them were actually paying attention at the same time.) True, but the time I had approximated the percentatge’s, I’d lost about 10%, but still .  . . ) And of course, just like that time I did a triple outside pirouette, no one was watching.